4G & Satellite Networking

4G & Satellite Networking

We install 4G SIM / Satellite Broadband solutions for those who are unable to, or receive a poor, broadband service to the premises or site.

In 2020, Network Data Services extended our services to meet customer requirements and we now offer EE, O2 and Vodafone mobile services.

4G Broadband service
We have installed 4G Broadband solutions with a 4G data SIM tariff and a 4G router or dongle for use as a broadband connection. Tariff data allowances range from 100MB to unlimited GB per month and can be supplied on 30 day rolling or 12-month fixed contracts. Network Data Services conduct a survey for each customer to determine which network would offer the strongest connection for their broadband service. Alongside our SIM services, we can also provide hardware for the SIMs to be installed in – such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops.
satellite broadband
For properties which are unable to connect to 4G (often remote locations) and can only receive a slow/poor broadband service to the house, we can supply and install satellite broadband. This service works by fitting a satellite dish on or around the property, aligning precisely to the correct satellite and activating a monthly tariff based on your speed and data requirements. Both business and residential packages come with a satellite broadband modem, Wi-Fi and a static IP address if needed.
temporary site locations
Both our 4G SIM and Satellite Broadband solutions can be used for temporary site locations such as events, pop up shops and mobile bars, and can be used for card payments on till networks. Each can be set up with hard wired or wireless connections and both services also have the advantage of being relocatable when/if required.

Codes of Practice and Complaints Policy


Network Data Services is a member of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS). FCS membership is your sign of a supplier who is committed to ethical trading and high standards of customer service. Companies are only admitted to membership after peer review, and after committing to the FCS Code of Professional Conduct.

Please see our Codes of Practice and Complaint Code via the buttons below. Printed copies can requested by contacting our team on 01432 266 364.