Starlink Satellite Broadband

Starlink Satellite Broadband

We help customers to install and utilise Starlink Satellite Broadband if they are unable to access high speed Broadband though cabled solutions.

satellite broadband
For customers unable to access traditional high speed or fibre optic cabled broadband, Starlink Satellite broadband can be the most effective high-speed broadband option. We have significant experience in surveying and installing Starlink systems to ensure our customers can use the equipment to it’s full capability. We offer a service to assist you in surveying your property to ascertain if Starlink is available for your premises and the optimal installation location to ensure maximum signal strength. In addition, we can help guide you through the ordering process and advise if any additional equipment needs to be purchased to support your existing network. Once the equipment has arrived, we can fully install the equipment, ensuring it is fully connected to your existing network. If there is not already a solution in place, we can also install a wired/wireless network to ensure that the entire property can access the Starlink connection.

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