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Shack Events specialise in providing event bar support to stadiums and venues across the UK and Europe. They have a range of bars which serve mainstream and alternative on-tap drinks.


What was the requirement?

During events at venues such as Wembley, Edgbaston and London Stadium, Shack Events required a reliable internet connection to ensure that the customer could make credit and debit card payments. At some venues, all vendors were only allowed to take cashless payments, so a consistent internet connection was key to their sales for the day.



We worked with multiple large venues across the UK which all had different obstacles. This included materials used in the building, such as steel structures which blocked 4G signal, and multiple levels of the venues which required significantly larger networks. The capacity of the stadiums and therefore the quantity of people could impact the effectiveness of the 4G signal. Other networks already in place also caused issues because of network congestion.

At one location we could not create a hard-wired connection to each bar because of the potential tripping hazards to the public.



We installed roaming SIM cards into the 4G routers to allow us to choose any of the UK mobile networks which worked most effectively in that specific area at that specific time and date. We designed and programmed the routers to automatically switch between networks during more congested time periods to allow optimum performance.

We designed and installed a satellite broadband service at Edgbaston to ensure the most reliable connection across the stadium. We were also required to design and install a wireless point to multipoint system to accommodate several bars across Edgbaston because cabling would have caused a hazard to the public.

Where building materials in stadiums caused an obstruction, we programmed the wireless devices to work on channels that were fine tuned to penetrate the surroundings and structure more effectively.



Our solution provided a broadband network across multiple sites and their own secure network away from site networks. This ensured a reliable connection to enable the customer to make credit and debit card payments during stadium events and allowed Shack Events facilities to be cashless. This flexibility meant that Shack Events considerably increased their takings during events such as the Cricket World Cup, The Spice Girls, Pink, Fleetwood Mac and Take That.


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